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The team at South Shields based Solar Solve Marine were more than willing to help when they received a request from the Supporters of South Tyneside Libraries Group to fund a project to help local people suffering from dementia. The project involved purchasing some jigsaw puzzles specifically designed for the needs of people with dementia.

At the moment the South Shields Library Service offers ‘books on prescription’ which have been specially written for people with dementia. Jigsaw puzzles, like books, require no pre-planning and are ideal for the various degrees of cognitive impairment associated with dementia.

In total 9 jigsaw puzzles were donated by Solar Solve Marine, all showing different images to stimulate memories and conversation, and to give a person a valuable sense of achievement and pride.

Julie Lightfoot, Solar Solve’s M. D. commented, “We are very proud to be able to help people in our local community and this unusual request from Margaret Hamilton, Treasurer of the Supporters of South Tyneside Libraries Group was a nice opportunity for us to make a donation of useful items rather than just a cheque. Councillor Alan Kerr, Deputy Leader of South Tyneside Council and a member of the Cabinet also made an appearance at the presentation which was appreciated”.

Top Image – Julie Lightfoot, Solar Solve’s M. D. presents the jigsaws donated by Solar Solve Marine.