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They say that ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ and on that basis here at Solar Solve Marine we have been flattered a hundred times or more. Not only have our products been imitated by upwards of a dozen companies globally that we know of but over the 29 years that we have been manufacturing SOLASOLV screens and promoting them in brochures, sales aids and for the past 20 years or so, on our website, the copy cats have been ruthlessly copying the data and information and using it to promote their own copies, whether or not it actually applies to their products.

For example we registered the business name Solar Solve and Trade Mark SOLASOLV in 1988. Today there are at least 6 other companies that have copied our products, our ideas and even incorporated Solar or SOLA as part of their trading name or product name. Most of these companies did not exist in 1988.

Two of them are based in the UK but the anti-glare products they sell are made in either Korea or China and a third, also UK based, claims to manufacture the anti-glare products it sells but they quite simply don’t.

If such businesses are prepared to make false statements about their products or to be economical with the truth to avoid stating the true facts, what else are they up to?

In 1988 our chairman began to promote his SOLASOLV anti-glare roller screens for ships wheelhouse windows as a navigation safety aid. They were practically unheard of, not specified as a statutory requirement on a vessel and there was no Type Approval requirement. However as soon as he became aware of the BS5750 Quality Standard he immediately realised the mutual benefits it would provide for Solar Solve and its customers and after 12 months of preparation, compliance was certified by BSI in 1992. Everything is still produced to Quality Standards which are now known as ISO 9001:2008 and certified by ABS-RvA. In all of the 24 years we have NEVER been issued with a Non-Conformity after an external audit, which auditors advise is very rare indeed and confirms the commitment of all our employees to QUALITY.

The next objective was Type Approval of all SOLASOLV products by THREE major Classification Societies. Since 2002 they are the only products of their type in the world to hold 3 Type Approvals; Lloyds, DNV-GL and ABS.

The ROLASOLV roller blinds products have also been Type Approved by DNV-GL since 2005.

Many copy products and competitor companies, from all round the world, have come and gone over the last 29 years but SOLASOLV has remained at the top, the Brand Leader, because since the business was registered our motto has been CUSTOMER IS KING and we have always ensured Solar Solve Marine’s products and service are the best.

We still Lead – others still follow.