Earlier this month our team at Solar Solve were able to impress a customer and their client by agreeing to supply an after-sales service way beyond normal terms of trade.

A consignment of 7 large electrically powered SOLASAFE screens were dispatched to Oman, which were then installed by the customer’s contractor who supplied the control equipment.

We were contacted by our customer and advised that 2 of the screens did not work and that faulty motors were suspected as the problem and their customer was not happy about a delay.

It was requested that we immediately send one of our engineers to Dubai with 2 new motors to sort the problem. We advised the customer that we had checked out flights and accommodation and whilst we were prepared to comply with their request at shared cost, we felt sure the motors would not be the problem as we have used the same supplier for over 30 years and cannot remember a motor ever failing.

However as a gesture of good will we offered to send them 2 free replacement motors the same day but we suggested they check out the controllers supplied by the local contractor first and also the wiring diagram.

A couple of days later an email arrived advising us they had done as we had suggested and that 2 of the controllers had been faulty. They now had a happy customer and their comment was, ‘Many thanks for your concern… we appreciate your PROMPT response’.