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The Easter holiday break is over, we are back at work again and reality has once more kicked in.  Since well before the June 2016 UK referendum, I have been very uncomplimentary about all of the hundreds, if not thousands of pundits that are amassing fortunes every week, by giving us their thoughts, through a variety of media, on what it is all about and how it is going to end.

Well, Hey Ho Here We Go, the time is coming when The Board at Solar Solve are going to have to remove their heads from the sand, sit up, smell the coffee and realise that whilst nobody knows for sure what the outcome will be when the UK leaves the EU, some changes are definitely going to be made.  Like it or not, time is marching on, so sometime this month I will be posting a blog containing details of where we stand on the issue of BREXIT.

Last summer I wrote a few blogs that all made references to the GO GREEN campaigns Solar Solve has used as marketing projects since the turn of this century and even before that.  One thing that the final outcome of BREXIT will definitely not change is the world’s major concerns about the environment, in many different ways including recycling, sustaining natural environments, fuel efficiency, renewable energy, plus many more.  As one website put it ‘Many people consider going green to be an actual lifestyle; for them, it means basing your actions on working to save the world.’  Whilst that may sound a bit over-the-top to some readers, if taken to the ultimate degree it is probably exactly what GOING GREEN is all about.  Maybe not so much about changing the world but more about preventing the extinction of the human race.  Without greenhouse gases, the average temperature of Earth’s surface would be about −18 °C, rather than the present average of 15 °C.

At Solar Solve we appreciate the importance of environmental issues and everyone’s concerns about trying to control what happens as much as possible.  We are fortunate that Solar Solve supplies a range of products that help to save the world but hesitate to be so dramatic with our marketing claims.

We do however, heavily promote from-time-to-time, that when our products are in use, some savings can be made with air-conditioning running costs and carbon dioxide exhaust gasses.  We have certified laboratory test data to support these claims and will be expanding on all of this in the coming months.