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After a very enjoyable and relaxing week’s vacation, it is still good to get back to work again, especially when I find that there are 7 copies of customer feedback statements in amongst all of my emails.

What I find exceptional about them is that every one of the respondents is very positive about Solar Solve,  its products, its employees and our service.  Let’s face it, 7 feedback forms or complimentary emails in just over one week is an excellent response rate in itself.  For ALL of them to contain commendations as well, is an even greater achievement.

Four of the comments are, ‘Thanks Carl, that’s great service.’

‘I’m impressed with the speed of production of this order.’

‘I have been completely impressed with all dealings with SOLAR SOLVE – keep doing what you are doing.’

‘There is nothing you can do to improve.’

As soon as I finish this blog I will be preparing the commendations for posting on the solasolv.com website TESTIMONIALS page.  You can see who said what, and what other respondents had to say if you visit it.

To revert back to the holiday.  We flew from Newcastle airport around 9am on Friday 16th March, two weeks before the Easter weekend and thought the whole of the north east of England had decided to evacuate the area.  The airport was very, very busy and ‘patience’ was definitely the watchword.  In spite of the crowds we were pleased to see so many people on the move, for whatever reason, as it generates an atmosphere of positivity to counteract the doom and gloom we hear every hour on the news.

These days, flying to anywhere is not really an enjoyable experience anymore but it does not seem to deter most people.  Whilst a lot of passengers have to fly for work, business or family reasons, many more do it to go on holiday or an ‘adventure’.

To be loyal to the industry we serve, cruising should be the holiday of choice, at least some of the time.  However, it too usually includes a flight of some kind to join or leave the vessel.

As far as I can tell there is no miracle solution to the problem of queues at airports.  There is an obvious solution – just double, treble or quadruple the number of processing staff and workstations at all of the various ‘checkpoints’.  These would include Check-in desks, Security Checking and Screening stations, Passport Control desks and faster baggage-handling and conveyer belts.  Then we could all pass through at amazing speed, even during the busiest times.

We all know the disadvantage with this suggestion is huge extra cost.  The extra airport floor space, people and equipment needed to make a significant impact on reducing queues during busy periods (which are always spasmodic and short-lived) would impose prohibitive costs for the vast majority of people.  The ones who can afford it will be travelling First or Business Class anyway and enjoying the associated Fast Track benefits.

Flying today, is what it is and I for one am prepared to put up with some queuing to keep costs down and safety up.  If our experiences at Newcastle airport on Friday 16th March are anything to go by, so is everyone else and that has to be a good and positive attitude for the future.