Referring to my blog on 7th June, I continue to be amazed at how so many people, from politicians, entrepreneurs, industrialists, all the way down to the ordinary man or woman in the street, continue to make unconfirmed statements about what is going to happen, post Brexit referendum.

We had to put up with millions of statements in the media pre-referendum, the majority of them have subsequently already been declared as being anything from ‘misguided information’ to ‘total lies’.

Now the vote is over we have the ‘remainers’ continuing in the same vain, in an attempt to force a second vote, which will almost certainly be fruitless.

Likewise, those who won, are guilty of conjuring up statements that prove the UK is not only going to be trading with every nation in the world by next month – but give us a whole year and we will be ruling the world again.

I jest, of course, because all of the statements are meaningless. The TRUE FACT is that NOBODY KNOWS what is going to happen, they can only guess and then give an opinion that will surely be biased depending on what their own personal preference or hope is.

We will only know the true outcome once the UK leaves the EU, the situation settles down and a few years of re-organisation have passed. By 2020 we should have a better vision.

At Solar Solve Marine we already trade with 95 different countries and offer invoices in 37 different currencies.

The beauty of being a Brand Leader, is that discerning customers want only our product, no matter where we are located or where they are located. It’s good business for both of us.

I wish Theresa May and her team the very best of luck with the negotiations on behalf of the UK. Whatever transpires, Solar Solve will continue to hold its place on the Marine World Stage.

Now I’m making those sort of statements!!!