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Just over a decade ago, when I was visiting shipbuilding yards in China, it was difficult to imagine that they would eventually aspire to and in some cases exceed, the technical expertise of their close neighbours in South Korea and Japan and even in other parts of the world.

In hindsight; and we have all got degrees in hindsight, I should have realised it was only going to be a matter of time. For many years now Chinese yards have been producing high quality vessels that are the envy of some shipbuilders worldwide. I remember at the time visiting the old Dalian shipyard, with its thousands of workers building ships ‘by hand’. The welding was undoubtedly fit for purpose, but not good aesthetically.

The next day we visited the Dalian New Shipyard. Ultra-modern, clean and efficient it was a case of ‘spot the worker’ and the automated welds were beautiful. It was a sure indication of what was to come but I couldn’t see it. I thought designing and creating next generation ships was only within the capabilities of the more experienced countries.

Well I was wrong because here at Solar Solve we recently dispatched a consignment of almost 150 Type Approved SOLASOLV Anti-Glare Roller Screens and ROLASOLV Roller Blinds of assorted shapes and specifications to our Shanghai based Distributor.

They are to be installed in the last 2 vessels in a series of 6 innovative Dragon 27,500 cubic metre Multi Gas Carriers that began life as an official project between the shipyard and owners EVERGAS when the contract was signed at the beginning of 2013.

The vessels are equipped with the world’s biggest C-type bi-lobe tanks enabling them to carry various types of gasses such as LNG, LPG, ethane and ethylene and will be allied to the shale gas industry. They also meet many environmentally friendly standards such as CLEAN SHIP and green passport.

How wrong can you be?