In the last blog Christmas was coming and now it has gone.

Some people will think it is a lot of fuss, preparation and hard work for a couple of days off work, others will be heartened by the way it brings families together in celebration and the tremendous joy it brings to millions of children.  The rest will be more involved with the real religious reason for the celebration and get much pleasure from helping others to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

It’s a strange world full of people with different attitudes, beliefs and ways of living.

At Solar Solve we serve the global marine industry that operates 24 hours a day, every day of every year; non-stop.  We relish the challenges that are created as we liaise with all these different people all over the world and almost always we are able to overcome them for the benefit of both parties.

With the procedures we now have in place, there is minimal disruption over any UK holiday period for those customers who are at work as they are being celebrated and need information about the products we supply, offers or an order to be manufactured and dispatched.

One website enquiry from a Middle Eastern marine engineer, that was received on Christmas Eve, was replied to the same day and a very nice ‘Thank you for your good service’ email was received back on Christmas Day. 

Having enjoyed a 4-day break, with Christmas Day and Boxing Day following a weekend, everyone is back at work and we have plenty of quotes and orders to keep us busy as we also have our end-of-year stock-take, along with lots of other things, to complete.

Plans for the next 2 years are just about finished and the 2017 Chairman’s report to the Solar Solve Team is well underway for his presentation on 9th January.

Firstly though we have another celebratory holiday break to see in the new year of 2018.  Once again we will have procedures in place to ensure that those people who will be at work or who do not celebrate the new year as we do, can still access the superior service that Solar Solve is renowned for.

Happy New Year everyone.