The Solar Solve Team are all back at work today ready and willing to deal with any and every enquiry that comes our way.  With only one day gone of this new year of 2018, there are 364 days of opportunity ahead that will enable us to prove to the world that when it comes to Type Approved roller sunscreens and specialist roller blinds, Solar Solve continues to be the leaders in the field.


Solar Solve Ltd was established in January 1988, 30 years ago this month, when the Lightfoot family business of Northern Window Blind Co. that had been established in 1975, changed its name and status and began to specialise in window blind products for the global marine industry.


We were the pathfinders, the creators, the leaders and have remained in pole position ever since.  We are extremely proud of our achievements and the fact that many worldwide distributors who signed up with us in the early days, remain loyal customers.


We have served thousands of customers and supplied tens of millions of pounds of goods over the period, to 95 countries on 6 continents.  We have withstood quite a few recessions and always ensured that we lived to fight another day, with the next 364 days or opportunity being this year’s target.


From a global economic and political viewpoint, the situation is so mixed up and potentially volatile that anything could happen and nobody knows how this new year will all end. 


At Solar Solve we are optimists and highly confident that in spite of the possibilities of doom and gloom, we will continue being the kinetic enterprise we have always been and will end up having another successful year.


We hope that all of our customers have a good year throughout 2018 and wish everyone a Happy New Year.