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Sometimes when we are bemoaning the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any good news and we ask “Why?”, the answer always comes back the same, “Because bad-news headlines sells newspapers.”

I am sure that is true and whilst it should not progress to include television, because they aren’t selling newspapers, the same logic still seems to apply.  It must be that even TV viewers will stop watching the news if it isn’t all bad.  Can you believe that?  I find it hard to accept but I totally acknowledge it as a fact-of-life because the situation has been the same ever since I was a kid.

The philosophy I adopted when I began writing my blogs for was that they should be interesting, topical and for the most part not bad news.  Not necessarily always good news but avoid bad news unless occasionally commenting on something very serious but important.

Therefore, most of my blogs have had to be self-generated because when I cheat and go on the Internet to check out the news headlines, there are few, if any, that motivate me to write something good or exciting. 

However today could be an opportunity for an exciting blog as one reporter’s headline, ‘Democrats Should Hope Trump Cuts a Deal With North Korea’ is in sympathy with CNN’s headline, ‘President Donald Trump has thrown another twist into the North Korean summit saga, announcing he will meet with leader Kim Jong Un on June 12 after all — and raising some concern that history may be repeating itself.  He met in the Oval Office on Friday with former North Korean spy chief Kim Yong Chol for about 90 minutes — the highest-level North Korean official to visit the US in 18 years — and sent him off with a smile and a handshake.’

As a person who lives on Earth, with a family, I do not want to experience a potential World War III in Asia, America or anywhere else for that matter.  If talks between the USA and North Korea do not go ahead, is there a risk of a WW3?  Who knows?  Instead let’s be optimistic and assume they will go ahead with some success and at least pacify the situation and help N. Korea to create a better life for its citizens.

Solar Solve Marine has been actively trading with its World Wide Distributor in Busan, South Korea since 1992.  That was when I first visited the country and I have been returning to South Korea almost every 2 years ever since.  I am sure that the South Korean people, with whom I came into contact during those dozen visits, were keen to be reunified with their ex-compatriots, some of whom were family members that became isolated as a result of the Korean war.

What an incredible amount of power President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, do have.  It’s almost surreal but for sure it is real and we need to hope they both get to meet, negotiate and leave their scheduled Singapore summit with a deal that is peaceful and works.

I am optimistic that the ‘exciting’ story in this week’s blog will be a ‘good news’ story by the end of the summer, if not sooner.  Let us all hope and pray that it is.