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To be true my Queen and the British Royal Family, especially as I am a very proud Member of the British Empire, I have to make reference in this blog to last Saturdays Royal Wedding.

It was British Grandeur at its very best.  Everyone has personal opinions about what was right and what was wrong about it but the consensus seems to be that it was an overwhelming success for all sorts of reasons depending on your feelings about the individuals involved (or not involved) and the Royal Family as a historical institution.

There are a lot of people who think the British Royal Family should be disbanded, or what ever they do with unwanted Royal Institutions, for a variety of reasons.  No matter what some people think about them and their role in the British Constitution and British way of life, one thing is for sure, with hundreds of millions of people around the world watching the wedding of 2 lesser British Royals on television, they certainly still attract a lot of positive interest.

The sunny weather certainly helped to ensure the event was a fabulous spectacle and will have persuaded many people to make the journey to Windsor who may not have done so otherwise but the global TV audience must have decided in advance that they were interested because of who the bride and groom were.  A very popular junior Royal and a famous actress who is a feminine activist as well as an American citizen of mixed race, who will have attracted even more TV viewers to the Royal Watchers.

One thing that did appear to be fairly obvious whilst the ceremony progressed and the TV pundits talked and talked and talked throughout the whole day, is this.  Not only has Her Majesty The Queen done a magnificent job in her role as Monarch, her children have all abided by the rules and requirements of herself and HRH Prince Phillip for family life and carrying out Royal Duties in the good old fashioned way.  However, it seems the grandchildren and younger royals want to move away from the old fashioned stuff and be more relaxed and in harmony with ordinary people which is probably the right thing to do in a world that seems to be changing quite rapidly.

God Bless them all and we shall see in good time what eventually transpires.