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ENGINEERS AND MANAGERS  –  A man flying in a hot air balloon realises he is lost.  He reduces his altitude and spots a man in a field down below.  He lowers the balloon further and shouts, “Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?”
The man below says, “Yes, you’re in a hot air balloon, about 30 feet above this field.”
“You must be an engineer,” says the balloonist.
“I am.  How did you know?”
“Everything you told me is technically correct, but it’s of no use to anyone.”
The man below says, “You must be in management.”
The balloonist replies, “I am.  But how did you know?”
“You don’t know where you are, or where you’re going, but you expect me to be able to help.  You’re in the same position you were before we met, but now it’s my fault.”

Snow White arrived home one evening to find her house destroyed by fire.  She was really worried because she had left all seven dwarfs asleep inside.  As she scrambled amongst the wreckage, frantically calling their names, suddenly she heard a cry: “Sunderland for the Cup.”
“Thank goodness,” sobbed Snow White.  “At least Dopey’s still alive.”

I’ve started watching Newcastle United.  My doctor says I should avoid any excitement.

As far as HIS team is concerned, he’s the ETERNAL OPTIMIST. He says they can still get promotion if they win 11 out of their last 4 games.

For a minute we were in with a great chance.  Then the game started.

Take care everyone and stay safe.

John Lightfoot MBE, Solar Solve Chairman