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It does not seem to matter if I watch SKY news, CNN or BBC world; the news is always depressing and full of incidents about human terror or natural disasters of one kind or another.  For some strange reason, which is probably to feed man’s desire or need for all things negative, that is when SHE makes news headlines.

We all sympathise deeply with the victims of Mother Nature and respect her power.  Sailors especially, know only too well that she can be very cruel and destructive.  Mother Nature can also be wonderfully creative, supporting human, animal and plant life to create this amazing planet on which, we all live and survive.

Fortunately, many books are written and films made about this ongoing evolution to make us aware of the fantastic phenomenon that we are privileged to enjoy, for the most part.

Unfortunately all of this goodness is never thought worthy of being a news headline.

We should not lose sight of our good fortune.  Maybe in these troubled times we should all take heart and appreciate what we have, rather than what we don’t have and be very thankful.

Some readers will have already realised that whilst the above view could be considered close to the situation that we are in today, it actually appeared in Solar Solve’s SOLAVISION newsletter dated April 2005.

This year, there still is an exceptional volume of very negative news information being discussed and debated.  Not surprising when we have Coronavirus, UK Independence trade negotiations with the EU, usual party politics squabbling on all sides, Donald Trump’s problems in the USA, Environmental issues, Global warming, Global cooling, Pollution, Nature, Flooding, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Forest fires, Horticulture, Agriculture, Energy efficiency, Weather, Climate change, Sustainability, uncontrolled Industrialization, Urbanization, Deforestation, Recycling, thoughtless Intensification and Expansion of Agriculture in some of the third world countries and finally for this list (most of which I pinched off the Internet) everything Green. The list is endless.

Some good news though, that many readers will be aware of.  Quite a lot of media time and attention has been and continues to be given to praising and thanking Emergency Workers and all of the people who are classed as Essential Workers.  The people who cannot stay at home during a lock-down because their country needs them to continue working to maintain essential services.  This cheerful news is really just what the people of the world have needed, to help them cope with the many difficult lifestyle-changing and in some cases life-changing, events that have befallen them.

To answer my Blog Headline


My view has certainly changed a bit, because this year we have all enjoyed and benefitted from a higher percentage of Good News.  That is not just great, it is also very heart-warming and encouraging as a move in the right direction.  However,  based on the global media’s edict that ‘Bad News Sells Papers’, which I think has been true ever since newspapers were invented, I expect that Bad News will continue to overwhelm the good news by a huge margin for a long time, probably forever.

John Lightfoot MBE, Solar Solve Chairman