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Donald Trump may not think so but at Solar Solve we think Going Green is actually THE Trump Card and we have done for more than 15 years.  In 2001, we began to commission strictly controlled independent laboratory tests to enable us to promote the ‘GREEN’ features of the SOLASOLV® solar shade film, as one of the major benefits of our range of SOLASAFE® and SOLAROLA® products.

The results were very impressive and concluded that whilst all of the 4 films tested, GOLD, SILVER, GREY and BRONZE have very high solar energy rejection rates, Silver is the most effective, with a maximum of 87.7%.

Eight years later, in 2009, as the world-wide recession was still a major issue, we decided to ask the laboratory technicians and their colleagues to create models from data we were able to provide from personnel on ships at sea.  We wanted to convert statements like ‘87% of Total Solar Energy Rejected (Cooling Effect)’ into something more meaningful if we could.  The boffins calculated that for certain ships on certain routes, if all of the SOLASAFE® screens on a navigation bridge were lowered fully, savings of around 81% of the cost of air conditioning the area without their benefit could be made.  This was the best result achieved and was with Silver SOLASOLV® shade film. Bronze film is the least effective but still provides a very worthwhile saving.

Although the tests were conducted 16 and 8 years ago, the construction and manufacturing processes used to produce our shade film has not changed, neither have the construction and manufacturing processes that are used to make them up into Solar Solve’s Brand Leading Type Approved roller sunscreens.  So the data and statements are just as true today as they have been since 2001 and 2009.

In the last 3 blogs I have concentrated all of my comments on the global marine industry but the green issues affect shoreside installations to a much greater extent, including the aeroplanes that fly everywhere, all of the time.  There is not much that we can do as a company to help such situations, unless the location has glazed areas, in which case it is usually always beneficial to have some form of window blind or curtain to control solar gain whenever it is a problem and opportunities arise counteract it.