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Following on from my last blog and staying with the GO-GREEN theme, it has transpired that Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has brought the other 194 nations who are signed up to it, closer together to help protect the environment for future generations.

After highly significant protests and expressions of concern and dismay at his very unpopular decision, the constituent members appear to be more determined than ever to put maximum effort into what they believe is a very important issue.

There is a lot of debate going on about the exact effects that excessive amounts of greenhouse gases will have on the stratosphere but we all know they will have some negative effects. 
Closer to the earth’s surface we are all well aware of the effects that excessive amounts of carbon monoxide and other exhaust gases have on people who live in areas where they occur.

As well as the very concerning effects they have on the health of human beings and other creatures, there are the problems of fogs and smogs so bad that citizens cannot go about their daily lives or business because they can hardly breathe or barely see.

It is fantastic that the vast majority of nations have acknowledged the problem and most of the ones that generate massive amounts of these destructive fumes, have recognised that they need to ensure adequate precautions are in place to counteract the ill effects, which at the present time can only be achieved by reducing them.  It is not yet sorted by any means but dialogue is taking place and plans are in effect, which has to be a great start.

At Solar Solve it is generally the case that a shipowner will have paid for SOLASAFE® roller sunscreens to be installed at all of the windows in the wheelhouse as a navigation safety aid  –  Sunglasses for Ships®  – because usually it is the glare from the sun (or occasionally glare from ice or snow) that is the main solar problem for the personnel.  It can cause a lot of uncomfortable and distracting problems for them.  When it is extremely hot or cold outside, if all of the SOLASAFE® roller sunscreens are lowered and in use, not only will they be protecting people from glare, they will also be rejecting infra-red rays.

If it is hot outside, that hot outside heat will be rejected and the cooler inside air retained in the wheelhouse and if it is cold outside, the heat in the cold outside air will be rejected and the warmer inside air retained in the wheelhouse.  It all helps to create a more pleasant working environment for the people tasked with the responsibility of getting a vessel safely from ‘A’ to ‘B’ and when required they ensure it performs its designed operations safely, effectively and efficiently.

Solar Solve Marine have been helping shipowners and their personnel to perform these very important operations safely and successfully for the last 30 years and we are extremely proud of the fact.