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Here in the UK, whilst the first day of summer officially begins around the 21st of June, we tend to get a lot of nice days and sometimes our best days of the year, throughout the month of May.
There are people who will say the reason is due to Global Warming.  However historical records, such as they are, show that it has always been the situation.

Personally I think the issue of Global Warming is a valid one and should not be ignored or discounted  as a fad just because that is an easy option.  I have no idea to what degree it will be a problem for future generations, or if the targets that are currently being set to help combat it are viable.

The greenhouse gas issue certainly makes sense to me and millions of other people but it cannot be quantified with any degree of accuracy.  Fortunately in tandem with its objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions there are the cost saving benefits that certainly can be quantified to a much greater and more accurate degree.  Definitely a win-win situation for the people and organisations who jump on the GO-GREEN band wagon I would assume.

For more than 15 years here at Solar Solve we have extolled the virtues to our customers and prospects of using our products to GO-GREEN.

Laboratory tests that we commissioned in 2001 confirm that when in use, all of Solar Solve’s products but particularly the SOLASOLV® range, contribute towards fuel economy. Those tests showed that with the SOLASOLV® SILVER solar shade film, the Total Solar Energy Rejected reached as high as 87.7%.

As well as the huge benefits resulting from the anti-glare features of Solar Solve’s SOLASAFE® and SOLAROLA® sunscreens, the solar film’s heat rejecting properties provide the additional significant advantages of  fewer carbon dioxide and other destructive gases exhausting into the atmosphere and less money being spent on fuel.

Not only is this great news for shipowners, it must also be good news for everyone who lives on the planet.