HAVE FAITH  –  Two short words, easy to say but often difficult to embrace.

In the context of the current variety of global crises, including the UK Governments fair share, here at Solar Solve we are having to revert once again to this two-word encouraging principle.

Simply expanding it to HAVE FAITH IN THE CAPABILITIES OF YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU TO SUCCESSFULLY OVERCOME ANY ADVERSITY immediately creates a sense of relief and instils confidence.

The great team at Solar Solve Ltd is proud to be part of a kinetic enterprise that is a self-adapting, self-renewing, instant-action organisation.

Whenever we have to make changes, to comply with anything and everything that lands on our doorstep from the UK and around the world, then that is what we will do.

The founders of Solar Solve Ltd, which was originally established as Northern Window Blind Company in 1975, successfully steered the business through four officially designated UK recessions plus four other crises, including the current one, by having such faith in themselves and their team at the time. 

Mid 1970’s recession  (1975 – 6 months); 

The year the family business was established, inflation was 24% higher than the previous year.

Early 1980’s recession  (1980/1 – 15 months);

This recession was the most severe and the most significant in terms of economic policy since the end of World War II.  The business adapted successfully to ensure survival.

Early 1990’s recession  (07.1990/03.1991 – 8 months);

This mild recession was caused by a lot of different adverse financial stimuli on the economic environment of the United States. Partly an after-effect of Black Monday (Oct. 1987), it also affected Canada, UK and Australia.  Life was already pretty tough, as we were very busy establishing Solar Solve Marine.

Post 9-11 global impact  (2002 – 15 months);

The tragic events of 9-11 conspired to arrest a 10-year bull run that ultimately failed to deliver on its promises. The destruction of the World Trade Centre brought into acute focus a recession that America had tried doggedly to ignore. It was not a UK recession but our sales dropped by 30% in 6 months.  It took 15 months for us to get back to normal, having still made a profit whilst doing so.

Financial Crisis Recession  (2008/9 – 15 months);

It hurt many businesses and individuals, some very badly but Solar Solve did not suffer.

UK Independence from EU  (2020 – 12 months);

The post-Brexit one-year transition period had mountains of new legislation, many concerns and occasional traumas.  There was no option but to create successful strategies to overcome them, which we have done.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)  (03.2020/09.2021 – 19 months);

The effects of Covid-19 had various degrees of negative impact over the period, which we successfully dealt with in line with the published advice from the UK Government.  Whilst the factory had to close for the initial statutory 3 weeks, the administration section were working from home until they were able to return to the factory.  We were always available for anyone to contact at any time.

Current Crisis / Potential Recession  (2022 – unknown);

During the last 47 years, the current crisis is the eighth catastrophe to be encountered and we HAVE FAITH that our great team will overcome this one, just as successfully as we have in the past.  So far turnover is circa 15% up on 2021, so hopefully our FAITH is well placed.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve Chairman