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It’s all about being environmentally friendly at every opportunity we get.

You would think that the people who live on the earth today have no cause for concern.  Mega changes to its geological structure take millions of years, don’t they?

Seems like that may have been true over the past million years or so but now we are rapidly speeding towards Armageddon and not because of a potential future nuclear war.

I recently watched a National Geographic documentary about the polar ice caps melting, a fairly common subject for documentaries over the past 70 years or so.  I always felt it was something that I would not experience in my lifetime.  However, the last one I watched made it terrifyingly obvious that maybe I might not see it but my children probably will see some devastation from rising sea levels resulting in flooding over vast areas of land that will never be seen again.  Goodness only knows what catastrophes my grandkids will have to endure, throughout another 70 or 80 years from now.

Apparently the processes are irreversible and the best we can hope for is to stop the degradation.  Even that is a monumental task.  It needs not just the cooperation of every nation on earth but every living person.

At Solar Solve we have been ecologically aware for a couple of decades, with many systems already in place and as new environmentally friendly products become available we will endeavour to use them.


John Lightfoot, MBE, CMarEng, FIMarEST, Fellow South Shields Marine School

Solar Solve Chairman