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A few weeks ago I downloaded from the YESTERDAY TV channel, a series of programmes titled MONSTER SHIPS, produced in 2019 by WAG TV Ltd for UK TV.  Information can be found here.

I was pleasantly surprised that the first programme I watched, about Pacific Orca, the world’s largest Jack-up Wind Turbine Installation Vessel had SOLASAFE roller sunscreens installed at the navigation bridge windows and have previously blogged about it.

I was even more pleasantly surprised, bordering on ecstatic, when the second programme I watched, about Royal Clipper, the world’s biggest sail ship had an opening sequence of the Captain on the navigation bridge standing next to a SOLASAFE screen at one of the windows.  It seems that in December 2014 we sent out a consignment of 10 SOLASAFE roller sunscreens to the owners, Star Cruises, to be installed at the vessel’s navigation bridge windows.

Obviously I am biased but they looked good to me and appeared to be very effective in use.

Enough about Solar Solve, what about this very impressive sailing ship?

Royal Clipper is the biggest full-rigged sailing ship in the world and the only vessel with 5 masts and 42 giant sails, that have a combined area of 56,000 square feet.  Built in 2000, it is 134 mts in length with a 16 mts beam and boasts state-of-the-art navigation systems.

Usually based in Bridgetown, Barbados, for part of each year, it can carry 250 passengers, usually on 7-day trips round Caribbean islands.  The vessel also cruises the Mediterranean area and one its special features is that passengers are invited to climb the mast (with safety harness provided) and take in the views from the converted crow’s nest which not only offers the chance for a brief moment of reflection, but also provides the most unparalleled views of the lands and seas around the ship.

Below is a video about the ship…

Here is another video of the ship…

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John Lightfoot MBE, Solar Solve Chairman