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The Lightfoot family, owners and Board Directors of Solar Solve Ltd, enjoyed a celebratory lunch with the rest of their great team, to close out the end of the family business’s 45th year of trading. Due to Covid-19 regulations, what would have been a celebratory night on the town, had to be changed to a more socially distanced take-away lunch within their South Shields based headquarters.

Nevertheless, the team pride themselves on their kinetic adaptability and as soon as the situation allowed, the pre-planned event that needed all employees to be on site to ensure its total success, went ahead on what proved to be a very busy 15th December 2020, 5 weeks late but still very successful otherwise.

John Lightfoot, MBE, the Company Chairman, established the family business, together with his wife Lilian, in 1975 and they began trading on 10th November of that year.

John commented, “By default the lunch event was low key but we needed to officially recognise such a significant milestone in our business’s history and did not want Coronavirus to prevent it.  Lilian and I also wanted say a special ‘Thank you’ to our great team of wonderful people who have helped us become and remain, a hugely successful International Organisation, well recognized and highly respected within the Global Marine Industry.  It could not have happened without their help and commitment.”

“Our daughter,  Julie Lightfoot, MBE and Son David Lightfoot, who are twins, helped out when they were kids and then for the last 30 years they have both worked with Lilian and I to help the company grow; Julie as a full time manager/director and David as our ICT Consultant and Supervisor.”

“The next two, long-serving employees, will each see 20 years service during 2021 and even the shortest serving team members already have over 10 years service with the company.”

“Lilian and I are not just proud of what we have achieved for our family, we are also proud that our employees and their families rely on our business continuing to thrive, so they will benefit as a reward for their faith in Solar Solve and their commitment to keeping it successful.”

Solar Solve Marine has won numerous awards for exports and good business practice in the global Marine Industry, the company’s biggest market by far.  It has expanded the sectors it serves and now supplies its brand leading products to Air Traffic Control towers, cranes and heavy mining equipment all over the world.  Having traded with 113 countries, the family business is well established, well liked and much appreciated by its thousands of customers.  There are over 240 Customer Commendations on the website Testimonials page to confirm it.  On 12th December, only 3 days ago, we received a Customer Feedback form from Mr. Kjell Einar Sekse, a customer in Norway and for his answer to the question, ‘HOW could we improve’, he wrote; “What can I say, perfect is perfect.”

What more can The Great Team at Solar Solve say?

John and Lilian Lightfoot welcome their employees that make up the Great Team at Solar Solve Marine, to a short but significant and successful 45th Anniversary Close-out Celebration. The event was held on a mezzanine area within the company’s factory in South Shields, UK.
Operations Manager, Carl Johnson, Solar Solve’s longest serving non-family employee, is presented with his ‘Thank You’ gift from John and Lilian Lightfoot. In March 2021, Carl will have given 20 years of loyal service to his employers, which is very much appreciated by the pair.