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Employees at multi-award winning roller sunscreen manufacturer, Solar Solve Ltd., are used to receiving lots of positive testimonials from their customers. They have been enjoying them for a couple of decades or more. Click here to see 273 of them, every one of which is absolutely genuine, with original documentation held at Solar Solve’s Headquarters in South Shields, UK.

However, it’s not just customers who sing their praises. In the middle of October, the company was visited by an auditor who carried out Solar Solve Ltd’s annual ISO 9001 : 2015 External Audit. They have held some form of Quality Assurance Certification to a BS 5750 / ISO 9001 Quality Standard since 1993 and have never received a non-conformity in all of that time, a fact that is highly unusual and something they are extremely proud of.

Two of Solar Solve’s staff members take responsibility for the safe, effective and efficient running and operation of the company’s Quality Assurance Systems, supported by all empolyees, who are totally committed to it. They are Mark Weatherburn, the Quality Manager and Carl Johnson, Operations Manager and Internal Quality Auditor. They take their responsibilities very seriously and do a brilliant job.
Part of their report about the mid-October External Audit reads as follows, ‘At the close of the meeting the auditor commented on how impressed he was with the quality system, the setup of the business and how organised everything was, that he visited and inspected during the course of the audit.’
‘He also advised that there would be no Non Conformance’s issued and no Opportunity for Improvement’s advised upon.’
‘He said it is very rare that he conducts an ISO 9001 : 2015 Audit without issuing an Opportunity for Improvement.’

John Lightfoot, MBE, Solar Solve’s very happy chairman commented, “Over the last 28 years, employees at Solar Solve have regularly received compliments from auditors who have been impressed with what they have seen, especially the well organised documentation, cleanliness of the whole workplace and the commitment of the employees. After the recent audit I was so proud of the team I wanted to tell everyone about it.”