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Since the turn of this century, Solar Solve Marine has been extensively promoting the environmentally friendly aspects of its SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV product ranges.  The company has always concentrated particularly on the former because it is the major product manufactured and is claimed to have been the global brand leader in its field ever since it was launched 30 years ago.

In 2001, to quantify more specifically the actual value of cost savings that can be made, Solar Solve Marine commissioned an International Laboratory specialising in Building Environments and a highly qualified researcher with BSc MSc PhD PGCE CPhys MIoP qualifications, to carry out tests from data supplied by the company in association with other information available to the laboratory.

For various types of vessel on hypothetical routes and with SOLASOLV screens in use at the navigation bridge windows, a random selection of potential savings in air conditioning power were calculated. In the case of a ferry that had a large wheelhouse, en-route from Hull to Amsterdam with SOLASOLV Silver shade film roller sunscreens in use, it was estimated that power savings could be as high as 81%.  That would also result in associated savings in cost and a reduction in air-pollutant gas emissions.  All very good news for the ship owner, the crew and the whole world.  The cost savings can offset the initial financial outlay of installing solar roller sunscreens.

SOLASOLV roller sunscreens reject up to 93% of glare, 87% of heat and 99% of uv light from the sun.  They  not only ensure personnel work in a much improved and safer environment but they contribute towards enhancing the carbon footprint via reduced air conditioning power consumption with an associated saving in running costs.

They are equally effective at any type of window, especially where people work and need to see out of a window as part of their procedures.  Vessel Traffic Services for example, is an important operation that can be stressful and Solar Solve Marine have supplied their Type Approved products to Port Authorities world wide to assist with their operators’ health and safety.

The message from the team at Solar Solve is quite simple, “To Be Green, Think Green”.