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Crew fatigue is considered to be a contributory factor in the cause of many accidents and incidents at sea.  The cause of the fatigue is usually a combination of a variety of influences, including unsatisfactory or uncomfortable working or relaxing environments, or both.

The vast majority of mariners consider that their work and responsibilities at sea are becoming more and more stressful as technology advances, regulations increase, Health and Safety takes over and costs are often being pressured downwards.

Most responsible shipowners are aware of this and already have crew FATigue MANagement procedures in place.  At Solar Solve we have abbreviated the term to ‘FATMAN’ for convenience, because it is easy to remember due to its controversial meaning in another context.  It also links very well into our other statement that Crew Fatigue Management or FATMAN is a HUGELY important issue for shipowners and seafarers.

Anything that can be done to reduce stress has to be a good thing and we have feedback from lots of end users letting us know just how effective our roller sunscreens and roller blinds are at achieving the objective.  That is why we are creating a new marketing campaign for the next 12 months that will have crew fatigue as the main issue.  We will raise awareness of some of the events, concerns, conditions and factors that can create stress for mariners and highlight if there are any solutions available, or being researched, that might reduce or eliminate the problem.  Much of the information will be conveyed via the use of links to relevant items of interest.

No prizes for guessing that we code-named our project ‘FATMAN 2020 VISION’, in the hope that by the end of 2020 all shipowners will have systems, procedures, rules, regulations, working and leisure conditions and facilities in place that will eliminate or successfully manage seafarer fatigue.

What do you think?  If any readers have any comments regarding stress and fatigue amongst seafarers please get back to me on info@solasolv.com with the subject FAO JOHNS FATMAN BLOG.