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Staff from South Shields based Solar Solve Marine and their guests, recently headed for the town’s Sea Hotel to celebrate the family business’s 35th Anniversary.

Established in Sunderland in November 1975 by John and Lilian Lightfoot as a partnership that was called Northern Window Blind Company, the name and status was changed in 1988 to Solar Solve Ltd. trading as Solar Solve Marine; when they began to specialise and concentrate on the SOLASOLV brand of anti glare roller screens for ships’ wheelhouse windows.

Relocation in 1993, to a factory unit on the St. Hilda Industrial Estate in the family’s home town of South Shields, meant the business could expand and include a range of Type Approved specialist roller blinds for the marine industry, which they named ROLASOLV.

By 2005, after expanding into 5 units at St. Hilda, a search began for bigger premises and in 2006 the business relocated to their present, purpose built facility in the Port of Tyne, in December of that year.

NOTE: In 2016 we moved into new premises on the Simonside East Industrial Park. Full contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Friendships having been made with a whole variety of stakeholders over the years; meant there was no shortage of people to invite along to the party as guests, to help the present employees at Solar Solve and their partners celebrate the important occasion.

The owners took great pleasure in presenting all staff members with a Length of Service Award; the longest serving non-family employee being Ron Taylor, Production Manager, with 14 years 4 months of service. They were all complimented on the organisation’s excellent time and attendance record and thanked for their total commitment to Solar Solve, maintaining its status as a Worlds Best brand leading company.

With the excellent managers and staff at the Sea Hotel organising the party, local comedian Alan Fox entertaining and 100 guests all hyped up to have a good time, a highly successful night was inevitable.

Top Image – Ron Taylor, Solar Solve Marine’s Production Manager (2nd from left) receives Long Service award gifts from Julie, Lilian and John Lightfoot at the family’s 35 th Anniversary celebrations held in the Sea Hotel, South Shields. Solar Solve Marine evolved from a partnership John and Lilian established in November 1975 as Northern Window Blind Company.