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October 1st saw the launch of South Shields based Solar Solve Marine’s latest Brand Awareness campaign reinforcing the company’s claim that their SOLASOLV® brand products are still the global market leader. With the motto ‘BE GREEN’, the 12 month campaign focuses on recently acquired information from an International Laboratory specialising in Building Environments that were carried out by a highly qualified researcher with BSc MSc PhD PGCE CPhys qualifications.

Solar Solve Marine commissioned the laboratory to carry out tests to quantify more specifically the actual value of cost savings, in US dollars, that can be made when SOLASOLV® products are installed and in use at a vessel’s navigation bridge windows.

To enable the research six hypothetical routes were chosen by the researcher and it was established that one vessel type, with a large wheelhouse on one particular route could save upwards of 81% of the wheelhouse air conditioning power consumption and a different vessel type, again with a large wheelhouse but on a different route, could save just over $1,000 per annum that would go towards the initial cost of installing the screens.

Just as importantly for the vessel managers, these significant reductions in power will directly improve a vessel’s carbon footprint due to the associated reduction in Green House Gas emissions.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve’s chairman commented, “When these products were originally launched, their ability to reduce glare and absorb uv light were considered to be the main benefits because they improved the crew’s working environment, so they were marketed as a Navigation Safety Aid.”

“We have always known and promoted the fact that the use of SOLASOLV® roller screens saves on air conditioning costs but we have never been able to quantify the claim. Whilst these laboratory test results are by nature hypothetical, at least they now give some credence to our statements.”

“They will also help us to persuade shipowners, operators and managers that investing in SOLASOLV® products to ‘BE GREEN’ will have a parallel benefit that will help to pay for their initial, worthwhile investment. It has to be a win-win situation for them.”