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On 23 June 2016, the majority of voters in a UK referendum voted for the UK to leave the EU.  No matter how controversial the decision has been subsequently, Theresa May, the UK’s Prime Minister and other members of the UK government have worked extremely hard to get the best deal they can for the UK and its people, as they were democratically instructed to do by the majority of people who bothered to vote.

That the UK should leave the EU was voted for fairly and democratically in line with UK legislation.  The UK government is continuing to work on ensuring it is successful for the benefit of its citizens, which in the view of the Solar Solve Board Members, should be their first priority.  It is the consensus of the Board that these are the acts of a true democracy and we want to show our support for that system, which is still envied, admired and often copied by other nations of the world.

We believe that BREXIT will go ahead as scheduled, in line with the democratic vote and that every individual and organisation within the UK should accept the fact, embrace it and work towards making it as successful as it can be, which is enormously.  Failure could be calamitous for our great nation.

Once the negotiating process has been completed and before the actual split occurs, it will be up to every UK citizen, business and organisation to work together and with other global partners, to ensure it is successful.

The successful transition and eventual exit will be much more effective and beneficial to the UK, if we all do as much as we can to support it and make it work.

Whatever personal feelings everyone has, the decision has been made and the UK is going to leave the EU.  It would seem that good sense dictates the people and organisations of the UK grasp this new opportunity with both hands.  We have to work hard to ensure that the UK thrives in its new independence and takes every opportunity to trade more successfully with the huge number of new countries and territories that BREXIT will open up all over the world, as new trading-partner opportunities.

Take the commonwealth for example, it currently consists of 2.3 billion people, almost one third of the world’s population and on average Commonwealth members trade 20% more with each other and generate 10% more foreign investment than other countries.  When Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was crowned in 1953 there were less than 10 countries in the Commonwealth.  Due to The Queens hard work, dedication and absolute commitment to the organisation, of which she is the head, there are now 53 countries and she is Queen of 16 of them.  Member countries share a form of British common law, share the same legal system and any disputes tend to be settled more easily, yet currently the EU can restrict how the UK trades with them.  This is just one significant example but there are many, many more and it is opportunities like this that will be created, for an EU-free United Kingdom.

Solar Solve Ltd is a great example of how a UK-based business can trade globally, way beyond the EU, very successfully.  We have been doing it for 30 years, with only 25% on average, of sales coming from the EU.  Our message to every other UK business is that there are enormous trading opportunities outside of the EU and after BREXIT there will continue to be great prospects within it as well.

As part of Solar Solve’s commitment to ensuring that leaving the EU and trading with the global markets is a massive success, we have registered a new brand name of SOLASOLV-UK as a way of showing our backing for the BREXIT event and our support for what the UK government is doing about it.  Below is the first in a series of associated new Company Logos that will be created throughout the next 12 months.