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I think most businesses these days rely on a website for on-line trading, especially exporters like us.  At Solar Solve UK we certainly do and as part of our monitoring process we ask enquirers how they found out about us.  So nothing new so far then.

They mainly find us via an Internet search engine and occasionally via YouTube, which is always a bit of a thrill for us because we have invested a lot of time, money and effort creating videos for our SOLAR SOLVE UK YOUTUBE CHANNEL, which can be found HERE.

The main objective when it was conceived was to show enquirers and customers who visited the site, how easy it is to measure windows to determine the correct dimensions for ordering Solar Solve UK products.  Other videos show how easily the various products are installed.

In later videos we moved on to the marketing aspects to demonstrate the choices and benefits of various Solar Solve UK products and so it goes on.

Modern technology has enabled a whole multitude of appliances, machines, electronic devices and other types of equipment to be developed to make life’s tasks much easier to complete.  Far, Far easier than it used to be and I for one am in awe of how it all works but like most people I just accept it all and get on with my life.

In the days when I was installing window blind products I would never have believed that in the future I would just get into my van, put the destination address into a Sat-Nav (without having to consult road maps and street maps and work out a route).  At the location, after unpacking the product, which may be a new type of blind I have never encountered before, I would have no problems installing it having viewed a video before leaving the window-blind shop and using it on the job if necessary, as a reminder.  In this new future my hand tool would consist of a high power battery drill that hammer drills concrete like butter and then is my screw driver.  No electric cables, no sets of screwdrivers and very little physical effort.  It would be Utopia.     

I do find though that life itself is no easier.  On the contrary, life, lifestyle and just living seem to be far more hectic for most people; much busier than it ever was before.

A few decades back I could spend 4 hours completing a task that would only take me 30 minutes today and I would not have been particularly rushed getting through my days work.  A casual work-rate that allowed time to relax a bit and enjoy life.  Today, theoretically, I should only work for 1 hour and then go home, yet like almost everyone else these days, with the aid of modern technology I seem to get through 3 or 4 times as much work as I used to and I always seem to be rushed.

And whatever you do, don’t ask a pensioner who always dreamed of retirement how they are enjoying it.  Most of them don’t know how they found the time to go to work 5 days a week.

Lifestyles are certainly changing.