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At the beginning of January, South Shields based Solar Solve Marine dispatched a consignment of their SOLASAFE anti-glare roller sunshades to the Middle East, to meet up with USNS Bridge T AEO 10, when she arrives for her latest tour of duty.

USNS Bridge  is the last of four vessels in the Supply class of Fast Combat Support Ships and is part of the 34 ships in Military Sealift Command’s Combat Logistics Force. She transfers, stores, fuel and ammunition to fighting ships whilst at sea and is the second ship in the US Navy named after Commodore Horatio Bridge, having been commissioned on 5 August 1998.

With a length of 754ft, beam of 107ft and draft of 38ft, the ship displaces 48,500 long tons and her gas turbine engines provide a speed of 25kts.

The roller sunshades are to be installed at windows in the Pilot house to improve the crew’s working environment and in particular to help prevent discomfort and distractions from the sun’s glare. They will also reject over 60% of the heat that would otherwise be transmitted through the glass, adding to the crew comfort benefits and helping with cost and environmental issues by reducing the air conditioning power requirement.

Carl Johnson, Solar Solve’s Operations Director commented, “This vessel works in extremely dangerous environments, often under hazardous weather conditions, where enhanced visibility is paramount and a distinct advantage. The adaptability of SOLASOLV’s screens allows personnel to instantly retract them when not required if the weather conditions change. As well as reflecting solar glare, the screens also reject infra red and ultra violet light making them highly versatile, very effective and eminently suitable for these highly specialised support ships.”

“As more and more US Naval vessels install SOLASAFE anti glare roller sunshades, the personnel on board become aware of their benefits, which are significant. Then, when crew members are re-deployed to other vessels that don’t have any type of SOLASOLV protection, they endeavour to rectify the problem because SOLASAFE products are easy to measure-up for, can be simply installed by a ship’s crew and offer tremendous benefits when in use.”