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Solar Solve Marine, the South Shields based manufacturer of SOLASOLV® anti-glare, heat rejecting roller screens for navigation bridge and control room windows, recently received a large order from their Singapore Distributor for 30 SOLASAFE® sunscreens and 12 pieces of window film for Seadrill’s West Telesto, a brand new jack-up drill rig.

SOLASOLV® screens are installed at the windows of ships, rigs and cranes of all types and sizes worldwide. They reject up to 87% of heat and up to 93% of glare from the sun. Eye-strain is significantly reduced ensuring computer displays are easier to read, and a clear outward view is maintained for safer operations. With a more ambient room temperature the crew have a comfortable working environment and are less prone to fatigue which can lead to human error. Suitable for newbuilds and retrofits, SOLASOLV® screens are Type Approved by Lloyds, ABS and DNV-GL.

West Telesto was constructed by Dalian Shipyard, China and is currently being mobilised so it is available for worldwide operations from April 2013. It is a Friede & Goldman JU-2000E, 400 fsw rated, 15k BOP jack-up, the latest generation of high efficiency jack-ups offering a host of improvements over other designs. These include increased deck-space, accommodation for 140 men, the ability to jack with 100% preload, optimised pipe handling to facilitate “off-line” stand-building and more powerful mud pumps, as well as a dual mud system to allow for the efficient and simultaneous handling of drilling and completion fluids.

Paul Hopkins, Solar Solve’s Sales and Marketing Executive commented, “ This is a significant order from the oil and gas sector for Solar Solve as it is a prestigious, new generation rig that cost around 190 million dollars to build. SOLASOLV® screens are proven to be of real benefit to crews working in hot and sunny weather which is why they are ordered so regularly. ”