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Visibility and operator comfort is paramount when operating cranes and other heavy earth moving machines and  SOLASOLV® anti-glare, heat rejecting roller screens are a perfect way to help ensure this. The screens, which are Type Approved for marine use, effectively reject up to 87% of heat and up to 93% of glare from the sun, significantly reducing eye-strain and fatigue, and improving outward visibility. 

Solar Solve products are in active use in many sectors globally. SOLASOLV® roller screens are particularly effective at rejecting glare, heat and UV light from the sun, however, many customers also praise them for being effective in icy or snowy conditions too.  They are used in all types of crane operators cabs and drivers’ cabs of earth moving equipment for open-cast mining and other operations where a clear view from the cab is essential.

Solar Solve’s first crane installation was more than 26 years ago when SOLASAFE® anti-glare roller screens were installed at two giant crane cab windows on Heerema’s semi-submersible Derrick Barge 101 while the vessel was in Rotterdam.  Closer to home we supplied and installed 12 SOLAROLA® selflock anti-glare roller sunscreens to the windows in the Port of Tyne’s four Liebherr LHM 320 mobile harbour cranes that were the port’s main means of loading and discharging vessels.  The crane operators had been troubled by glare from the summer sun and approached Solar Solve for a solution. Because of the very tight space restrictions inside the crane cabs SOLAROLA® screens were installed and have subsequently been very effective.

We were approached by KML in Germany to design and supply roller sunscreens for the internal windows on the front, sides and roof of a crane cab destined for an oil platform. After the job was completed they emailed to say; “The first cabin is ready. It looks very fine and your roller blinds as well. I am now developing a cabin for another oil rig and we will also need your roller blinds.”  The High Tech Eyecabs built by KML are located on offshore oil platforms and now have Type Approved SOLASAFE® roller sunscreens installed at the cab windows to protect the crane operators from sun, glare and reflection.

This year orders include SOLAROLA® screens supplied to Western Australia for windows in two crane cabs, SOLASAFE® screens for cranes in a freightliner terminal in the UK, and both SOLAROLA® and SOLASAFE® screens for rotating pillar cranes on OSV SEVEN FALCON in Aberdeen.