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Chemical tanker ‘STOLT ISLAND’, one of a series of six sister vessels, has been selected as a Significant Ship of 2009 by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. She was delivered to her owners with 18 SOLASAFE® marine window blinds at her navigation bridge windows. When in use the marine window blinds will reject the glare, heat and uv light from the sun. The benefits of the marine window blinds’ infra red rejecting properties are 3 fold; creating a more comfortable working environment, reducing air conditioning running costs and reducing Green House Gas emissions. With the additional benefits of minimal eye strain due to reduced glare and personal protection from uv light, the ships crew will be more able to concentrate on their duties.

All of these benefits go towards helping shipowners and managers with their Fatigue Management programmes and requirements to improve a vessel’s carbon footprint.

All six of the 43,593dwt vessels were built by STX Norway Flor ø for owners Stolt Tankers BV and are considered to be state-of-the-art chemical tankers with 39 cargo tanks, 24 being in stainless steel and 15 in zinc-coated steel and with 39 cargo pumps. The specially designed 2-stroke diesel engine combined with a good hull design gives the vessels a low fuel oil consumption at their service speed of 15 knots.

Solar Solve Marine’s chairman, John Lightfoot commented, “This was another great fillip for our company. An order for a series of vessels is always exciting but to then find one of them being voted a Significant Ship of the Year is the icing on the cake. It was Solar Solve’s distributor in Norway who won the order and our thanks go to him for this significant success.”